Skip to the Good Bit

Rizzle Kicks

Yo, yeah
Check the rhyme and rhythm
It’s nice and different
Plus is bright and brilliant
Kinda how I like my women
And that’s the right opinion
Although at night I’m slipping
Win her never, ring her, now she thinks I’m a villian
See, I’m not festive, but I quite like presents
Don’t wanna die, but I quite like heaven
Wanna good place, but I don’t like waiting
Wanna go crazy, but I’m not patient
Wanna be smart, but I don’t like learning
I wanna be rich, but it takes time earning
Wanna be fit, but I don’t like running
Then I see you and I wish I done something

I like your style
Been watching you for a while
I said
Oh yeah
Let’s dance and then
Let’s skip to the good bit
Let’s skip to the good bit

So, been here two days long
Still not stepped that stone
Still not moving on, on
Now, let us go
I will take control
No more moving slow
In this situation
Hell yeah!

Yeah, we got that real vibe
We don’t know what we’re doing but it feels right
Yeah, listen up, yo
Feeling alive is a good way to kill time
Yeah and we’re bubbling up
We came here with nothing but love, we stay easy
Yeah, and if trouble’s a must
You gotta stay till they pack up the club just to please me
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