Evil Spell


The power keeps me up
To kick back the lies
Your tricks don´t weaken me
So this you can´t deny

If you believe in dark
And call down curses on
You think you are frighten me
But god´s on my side

No time to spend in hell
I´m tired of your lies
But one thing i gonna tell
The truth is displayed by time

Duel against an evil spell
God makes me stronger
And you can´t take me down!
Duel against an evil spell
Take me out of this darkness
I said you can´t take me down!

Back to begin

I´m watching over you
Time shows the truth
A thing that can´t be changed (2x)

I´m a mirror that gives back what you give
And you said that my time has come

Duel against a evil spell
Screaming god for power
To get out of this hell

I believe it´s over
I can´t save myself
I believe it´s over
God please save myself
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