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Head of My Class (feat. Chris Brown)

Scooter Smiff

Now lets get down on the floor
Im runnin through all the girlys hair like a comb
They always wanna role with a fella after shows
Snap a cameraphone hold on let me pose CHEESE!
That im getting swagged out with it
This top dog dont chase no kiddin
Only brag cant nobody stop me from pulling up in a masarati at my junior prom

O,O, im the head of my class,hey
o,o, i no you heard what i said,hey,
o,o,im the head of my class,ya
head of my class ya,
head of my class hey,
o,o,i dont need a hallpass,hey
o,o,ima hit the gas,hey
o,o,im the head of my class,hey
head of my class,hey
head of my class

Now Scooter Smiff went up the hill
he rolled back down with an interscope deal
just got my check now bout to hit the mall
put my shades on,let me show you how to ball
catch me at a spot,they all go nuts
they say im cocky im like SO WHAT!
my chain all rocky,its iced on up
im made like a rocky,
im bout them bucks


(Chris Brown)
Ya boy 19 driving something european
from head to toe in stacked,im rockin D & G,or even my ben's through
or anytime i breeze through
any hallway gettin Scooter out the classroom
teacher looking fine i think i might holla
Scooter gettin straight A's when i hit her with them dollers
chimmichoes or them prada they come in all sets
ima be the techers pet when she see whats on my neck like...

O,O,im the head of my class

Cruising down the street in my go-kart
pull to the side,stop at the park
hopped off the whip to get the scoop on this fly younger thing that was lookin cute
i shot my game at her and what do you know
my moms hit the phone i got to go
so i gave her the eye so she knew the buisness
before i rolled off she gave me them digits

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