Fresh To Def

Scooter Smiff

When da scenes on da phones,
got these girls looking they be staring at my clothes, pull up in da rows, folks is in da back, scooter in da front and i be fittin like my hat, sevens on my feet everybody talking, cops pull me over cuz they say i'm j-walking, talking like a kid it is what it is, everybody asking you could tell them mind they biz, i just left the 6th grade bout ta skip to 8th, 7th grade is mad they can hate they can hate, on my lunch break i ain't gotta wait, i got me a chick tell her go on make my plate, i got her doing homework my name on her shirt, but i ain't gotta girl i'm a flirt i'm a flirt, i'm a breakfast clubber, not like no other, you could catch me in the book store every single cover

FRESH TO DEF 3x Fa-a-a-fa-a-a
when i bust move its so heavy on my feet and imma keep stompin til i break the concrete, and thas on me you aint hittin like im hittin,im lyrically trippin spittin jus listen,im glistenin on ma chest my diamonds so mean, but imma take em off so u should thank me,and recognize a G so clap it up clap it up thank em i dont make the rules i just break em

FRESH TO DEF 3x Fa-a-a-fa-a-a

tic tic BOOM automatic when the times right, betta make room aint no static in the lime light even when i shine bright im brighta than the sun, im climbin up the charts but imma make it #1 but first im havin fun im joccin on u hataz u cant see me now so imma have to see u later im like a baby gator but when i get big its gone be a problem call em cuz imma bout to boss em
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