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Winter Wisp


Corroding clouds above our dreaming earth
awaking darkness, herald of winter nights
bitter cold blustering wind, soaked in mystery
whispers the future, musing on the past
breathing through me

Feel the claws of winter
hear the thunder strike
I give my soul, my blood, with courage
calling out your name as I cry

The winter splendour, a voice of song and rhyme
revealing secrets gone before my my time
frozen tears, forlorn hope, discarded misery
cast to the winds, all my fears
while she whispers to me

Past , present and future paths, tangled into one,
leaving all but fragments and dies, creation has begun
Infuriated winds, spread their wings and fly,
fate decides, condemns the paths of life

Winter winds sing, a distant memory
traces of the past, dawning siren breeze
valleys of assurance, with themes of mystery
dissipates beneath my wings
with a last whisper from me
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