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Asphodel Fields


At the end of the world,
Far from sorrow and hurt
And the light, bright as can be
Where dreams will come alive

A soul of war
A hero among mankind
The bravest off them all
Shall be taken into the light

A land of perfect harmony
Where soft green meadow grows
Branches blossom endlessly
And flowers bloom in gold

The ocean breeze softly blows
Over land and over sea
Glorious voices filled with joy
Singing songs so peacefully

Dead they dwell, as shades of night on
The path to heaven, into light
The opened gates, reveal the sights
Our land of dreams, untouched by sorrow

Free from pain and grief
We are living among the gods
Light grants us immortality
Spirits choose a new born life

Night sky is as bright as day
My soul finally found the way
A land of perfect harmony
At the end of the world

valleys of assurance, with themes of mystery
dissipates beneath my wings
with a last whisper from me

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