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Sergio Reis

Sérgio Reis

Sérgio Reis - THE Boy Of the Gate

Every time that I traveled for the Highway of Fine Gold
from a distance I sighted a boy's illustration
and he/she ran to open the gate and later it came me asking:
- Play your horn young man that is for me to be hearing.

When the herd passed and the dust went lowering,
I played a coin and he left jumping:
- Thank you cowboy, that my oxen I am going taking
for that interior to I/you had been my horn it went playing.

In the roads of this life many thorns I found,
but any deeper heat than that that I passed
My trip of turn any thing I meditated
Sells the closed gate and the boy I didn't sight.

I got off of my horse and in the ranch I walked to ground
Ví a woman crying, he/she wanted to know which the reason
- Cowboy came late, see the cross in the highway!
Who killed my son was a heartless ox!

There pra bands of Fine Gold taking wild cattle
when I pass in the gate it ties I see your image
Your such sad ranch more it seems a message
Of that playful face wanting to go in a trip.

The cross in the highway of the thought doesn't come out
I already took an oath that I don't never forget
Nor that my cattle bursts, and I need to go behind
In this piece of ground horn I don't play more.
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