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Sex Enough

Was so simple, funny
All was new fantastic and the same
Time is more one reaseon for to cry
You loved me i loved you
The love was so beatiful
When the magical universal opens the gate
Shows me an unhappy place
Remember all so empty
The birds flyed
Looking for you, and always finding a locked door

Same calling, oh help me, i need you
But no one flower just insects
Year by year and the lonely habit
I walk on the same lonely streets

One day if you look back
Who lived here?
Why did not open for me?

Smiles erased on each season
With all this on the dark room
All nights brings hope
What will be the future without the tears?
The cry open ways for you to choose
You had paradise key on your hands
But lost it on sand
Praying for the god
Praying for the sky

Nobody look for to care about
On dreams you be there with shine wings
On straight for the paradise
I never can find you
Now i constroyed my kingdom same not listening the sweet bells
I can walk looking for better days
Drying the tears on my face
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