Sex Enough

The times we believed ourselves in the impossible
In miracles that don't exist
No here in any place
We tried to change the instant
But, what done this miss with the one what is real?
The reality that we did in the same ones
If we are here
The one that we have is because we did ourselves
You have empty participation
You make to believe me that it is important to continue without you
Nobody was wrong
The whole present already this done
The choice was already made and nothing will change
Now i can see clearly
What is to be yours comes in the hand
And don´t need to run behind
If no this here
This just in your imagination, in the fantasy of his/her mind
Who does the one know what will happen? doesn't matter the one that this writing will be
Learn how to wait
Everything knows this certain
Same when the serpents cross the road
They bring one more piece of the puzzle that we built everyday
It is just the destiny showing one of their countless faces
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