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I Wish I Were The Rain


You said, I bled
You meant, I went
Love's a series of broken sentences
Miscalculations reconciliations
Seductive highs
Destructive lows
Words that fly too fast
Feet that move too slow
Wish I could dance outside this windowpane
Oh I wish I were the rain

'Cause it can fall as hard as it wants to
Gingerly drip down a lover's face
Cry for hours and weeks on end and never
Feel a bit out of place
It can feed a field
Put out a fire
And never feel the pain
Oh I wish I were the rain
I wish I were the rain
I wish I were the rain
I wish I were the rain

Don't speak, I'm weak
You cry, I lie
Our arsenal of hope has been bled dry
Don't you wish that you could live outside the insane
Don't you ever wish for a free reign

Repeat chorus

The blistering, twisted
Hard fisted blows
Have drowned the once fervent glow

Repeat chorus
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