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All Covered In Blood


Deep inside an insane mind
No one deserves to survive
Time was come for you to die
Shadow starts to surge and kills the light

It's all
All covered in blood

Running 'till your feet start bleeding
Screaming 'till your voice starts fading
You don't know where you are
Feeling numb by fright
Spreading through the air

Your legs got paralyzed
Each second you pray for a fragile life
Death might be coming for you
Better find another fucking place to hide

For so many times
Went for a walk to find
You better get away
With all the pain inside
There was no time to realize
Lost lives in the night to satisfy
You find out that the killer is you
Shadows surges to kill the light
All covered in blood

It's all
All covered in blood

Your heart is beating faster
Survival instincts are stronger than before
Trace of blood all over the floor
Creeps you out the sound of a creaky door

The threat hides inside
You can not run away
From what you really are
Would you kill your enemy,
When the reflection you see
Is what you happen to be
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