Sex Drugs n' Rock n' roll

Sleaze Vice

Sex drugs and rock n' roll

Oh my god what have I done
I messed up my life for fun
I could do it all again
I don't care don't give a damn

I got my drink I got my guitar
I'm fucking a brunette on the back of my car
rock n roll running in my veins
I got my money but I'm too stoned to spend

No remorse and no regrets
I could it all again
No remorse and no regrets
Time to rock let's make it last

One for the money two for the show
Sex drugs and rock n' roll
I'm getting crazy out of control
sex drugs and rock n' roll

lazy days crazy nights
none tell us what's wrong or right
I drank too much and I hit a jerk
I'm rolling down the stairs too drunk to fuck

I got my girl I got my loaded gun
I'm public enemy number one
My head spinning round but I don't worry
All night long I'm drunk, hangover in the morning
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