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Stolen Babies

Notebook, scrapbook
Somehow I've misplaced you
You were a scratch on a paper, ink and a voice
Not meant to look back at me
The something or someone played a joke
Put on a twisted show
And there we were

I remember just listening, looking up to a fantasy
'Til the day it was right in front of me
Now it's ruined, now it looks like table scraps and nothing else

It kills me to think about all the things
I threw around while hiding
My nature is and always has been that of a pill-bug
When someone gets too close
I now can see how you saw me when I couldn't see myself
But there we were


I don't think that I really wanted any of it
But before I could understand anything that was happening
So quickly, the bottle, the squinting
I could not undo the knots of an undeveloped mouth

On the way back from the island, the turbulence hinted at no end
All I got, I barely saw
Now I've finally tied it up with no regrets
But I remember…


Now it looks like table scraps
All that's left are table scraps
All that's left are table scraps
Table scraps and nothing else

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