Get it get rolling
Just doing it
Get on the dance floor
Stop fooling it
Get down and party hardy
Be on time don't ever be tardy
I'm going off there right now
The beat in your face
Pow! this jam to move your feet
Yo, get out of your seat
Feel the deal and rock the house
Sweat, get wet, drop your blouse
Improve the groove so it gets funky
The song to get high, yeah real spunky
The house it is, i call my quick
Don't you know i'm on a hip hop tip
With a dope style and a devil
Pump it up at the drop of a dime

From the soul in control
Wise guy, i play the role
Roll the dice and take chance
Fans, let me see those hands
Come dinger a wild swinger
The beat's so dope it's an ear drum swinger
Ruler of design i take a stand
Fans, let me see those hands
This jame makes you say damn
Bam mic slam dope to the funky groove
Do your dance make that move
I get rude i got juice
I'm ace the king and you're the deuce
All the yolk between your pants
Fans, let me see those hands

* repeat

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