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Your Johnny Depp


Don't wanna be your brad pitt,
Cos i'm no good in a fight
Don't wanna be your superman,
I don't look good in tights
Don't wanna be your classic rocker
Listening to sabbath and zepp
Cos baby...i wanna be your johnny depp!

I don't know what you see in him
But you think he's cool
Even when he's got his scissorhands
He still makes your drool
I don't think i'll ever match him,
I've seen the way he makes you smile
But i'm not gonna go away
You make it all worthwhile

Don't wanna be your randy quaid
If you know what i mean
Don't wanna be your paul stanley
Your peter kriss or your gene
Don't wanna write you a song
Like step by step
Cos baby...i wanna be your johnny depp!


He's been captain jack sparrow
And sailed out on the seas
Even though he's forty three
He still brings you to your knees
He's battled freddy in nightmare on elm street
At last i'm starting to see why johnny is so sweet...

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