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New Life

The Sams

Letras de Músicas de "New Life"
Can't you see my soul?
I lost it years ago
It's going up for sale on a record store
No identity, no family or place to live
Just a skateboard and songs about hate

And my skin is full of pictures - memories of a distant past
And my life is full of shit - but I won't give up of those

Dreams and hopes
About a better scene, about a place to love
Half of million and one thoughts are flowing through my mind
But I'll not just watch the world pass me by

This is not a test of the emergency broadcast system
we're testing what you (don't) got inside your head
Try not get distracted with all the amusement
You're not what you've got, you're what you can get

Focus your head in only one thing now - your place is here, your time is now
Nobody can say what you can't do - so do your best, you're not alone

So don't give up,
about a better scene and friends, your place to love
Thousands of the strongest men have tried to bring me down,
but I was strong enough to stand my ground
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