The Sequence

Can you save this from the inside?
Can you see what's going on?
As her walls crumble down
She's awkwardly seen to be ahead of the crowd

And she's nothing short of star-bound
Unlike everyone she's had
She's a fashion trend that's waiting to happen
But one that never goes out of style

And her name should be in lights above the Hollywood sign
I would give my life to know what's on her mind
But she doesn't like all this hype in her name
She might disappear again

There was something more about her that I knew
I can't imagine someone doing those things to you
Like a flower were all waiting for you to bloom
Connecting everyone to you
Sit around and wait for hours by the phone
And all the while you're wondering will I be alone
So why die?
Go live your life
It happens so please don't cry

So she gives him one last try
Hoping that this all has opened her eyes
Like a match being lit underwater again
She lets the waves swallow her whole

Cry your eyes
Dry them out this shouldn't be the way you feel
Pick yourself up
Don't let them get to you
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