Riot Grrrl

The Sluggs

She used to hate me, but she don't no more.
Being stuck in this life was such a endless bore.
Who'd say that she'd ever wish me well
and maybe think that I'm no clown

She waste with me almost every of her days
a bunch of other guys may think she isn't OK
Even beating me up, she's the coolest girl
just can't stand 'til I see her again

I'm in love... (oh yeah) (2x)

I just need her to be hangin' around
when I'm with her it's (almost) like I ain't no clown.
This may sound like just a bunch-of-shit
but she even got me to see the Dominatrix!

Say "let's go", poitlessly down the street
she's the grooviest girl I could ever meet
Can't believe my eyes when she looked me
I stand here speachless, I'll just say...

I'm in love... (oh yeah) (4x)

I'm in love with Riot Grrrl" (oh yeah) (Fade Out)
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