Fall in Love

Tim Booth

Ease your lips into a velvet kiss while I enfold you

Move your hands across this promised land

The seekers guided by the pole star

Say the words

Why don?t you say the words

I have been waiting long to hear

Please fall in love with me

Drift with me upon an endless sea

We are divine in the realm of these senses

Every move has been a subterfuge

While we pretend that we really don?t care

Moved by fear we might be strangers here

But I can feel we might be one

Please fall in love with me

I hear the sound of moons falling

Surrender to this charm

I breeze across your soul darling

Deep eternity

Lost your mind

Well don?t you think it?s time

To swim away from the safety of these beaches

Trust the tides, they know which way to flow

And don?t you long to flow so far

Moved by waves we?ve never felt before

Till we are floating way out deep

Please fall in love with me

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