Damned Grave


The tyrant of Transilvania was terribly murdered
He was killed by his daughter with an holy dagger
There weren't burial, no priest, no holy water
The lifeless body was buried in the dark forest
His eternal dream was exhausted
He was by himself only with the beasts
It was unworthy for the great Emperor
His resting place was damned horrible
Grave in the unhly Black field
The forest was loud by the howling of wolves
But after six days later
The fullmoon arrived
Suddenly he felt a starnge thing
Something changed around him
The wolves gathered over his grave
They scraped out of the grave where he was buried
Suddenly his fingers moved
His breathing became moving
His eyes opened up and saw
Tame wolves standing around him
At oncehe appeared i all the rooms of his castle
He waked up his daughter who died in deadly fear
Ever since every year in every NovemberuHe wakes up from his grave and haunts in Transilvania.
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