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Porno Star (Part 2)

Ultramagnetic MC's

[Intro: girl (Ced Gee):]
[knocking] Who's there? (Ultramag)
Where's everybody at?
(I thought I was comin with the whole team ma) {Ced Gee!}
(But they had solo movies to do)
(You know how it is at 1-800-Ultra-Dick) Yeahhh
(Check it ma, I got you star, check it)

[Ced Gee:]
Ma spread your legs, let me, get it wet
See I'm about to go up in there ma, and beat it to death
And you gon' say it's the best you ever had yet
I ain't even finished yet
Now watch me hit you with the different speeds
Slow, medium, and so fast
You gon' swear you bangin in a jet
And when I finish, yeah, I'ma jet
But we ain't even get to that point yet
So give me some more mic service ma
And then let me reenter, deep into your cervix
Way up in your pelvix (yeahh)
Now don't die on me ma, I don't want you to see El-vis
Just my pe-nis, all up in yo' neck
Now don't worry ma, I'm not cumin inside
I'm just gon' splash on yo' face
So let me go deeper, and deeper, what's that ma?
(Oh it feels so good, but Ced you givin me a bellyache)

[Chorus: Ced Gee singing]
I'm a porno star
Oh yeah, that's who I are
Yeahhh, check it, I'm a porno star
Oh yeah, that's who I are
Check it
You're rollin with the star

[Ced Gee:]
Ma you want more? You've got the right man
Girl grab that baby oil, and put some in yo' right hand
Now grab my tool, and jerk me off like I'm yo' man
Ma I'll make you stand, and then hit you off so grand
You gon' wish I was yo' man
You gon' wish you could keep this thing in yo' hand
But ma you just got to understand, I stay in demand
Porn movies in the U.S., and even Japan
Denmark, South Dakota, and even Pakistan
Hawaii and the Tropicans, call me the magic Shan
The porno le-gend, they know I can can, they know I can can
Make chicks do handstands, they give me all they can
Now ma how you want it? (Rough daddy~!)


[Ced Gee (Kool Keith):]
{*knocking*} Oh shit (yeah)
Son where you comin from? (I was behind you all that time)
Thought you wasn't gonna make the shoot (I followed you)
Yo, wreck that {YEAH}

[Kool Keith:]
Jerkin off to the triumph, I expose the lubrication
Between the lips of Meghan Good
On the top of the VW Volkswagen hood (oooh)
I rub my dick on the foot with two thermal socks
Test the asshole post like a Mt. Sinai hospital doc
Lookin at his watch, the cum stainer
Puttin wet panties in a sealed container
With wetness leakin from your crotch
You rock the see-through 2-piece panty set
Let me play a role, put the marbles down
One by one girl, let me see you piss on the dots
Sit on your vibrator, suckin a lemon Life-Saver
Shave your pubic hair, lay on your back wit'cha legs up
While I trim around your clitoris, with the razor
Show me how you lick the jelly off my palms
When massagin the boysenberry yogurt in both of your arms
I'm at the Imax theater, you enter the climax theater


[Ced Gee:]
Yeah ma, you done got hit with that Ultra dick
Yeah but you know what ma? On the real
You don't need to be in this porno life, it ain't for you
You know, you built for a lil' somethin better
You got a little talent ma, you need to go to college som'n
Y'knahmsayin? You got your lil' fantasies, go on wit this life ma
Ultra, we out
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