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If We Were Lovers

Unit 5

Let's Take a Walk Into the Sky
Conversing With the Stars to Fathom Why
They're Not Afraid to Burn
To Lose Themselves While Turning Into Light

If We Were Lovers
Like We Were Meant to Be
Open Arms, Broken Hearts
All the World to See
If We Were Lovers
Loving Like We Say
Oh the Ghosts of Doubt
Would Crash and Burn Away
If We Were Lovers

The Obvious
Will Be Implied
From the Simple Implications of Our Lives
If We Don't Get It Right
I Guess They're Gonna Wait a Long, Long Time

An Extraordinary Love
Offers Heal For Hurt and Kind For Cruelty
Words Are Not Enough
Revolution Might Begin With You and Me

If We Were Lovers [repeat 6x]
Then We Would Love
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