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As the Stars Fade Away and Die


We return to earth to spread
Black seeds to create a new breed
The race to rule the world
We travel through the unknown

Through the portal of dream descent
Brings a world of dreadful torment
The moon sets before my eyes
A wasteland grows in my head

My soul is released from the star
It whispers my name from the deep
And the sky is left with scars
As i hear the voice from the distance

And from darkness is my resurrection
There i stand triumphing above all
The moon eclipse creates a somber delight
Then came the night of dark souls

Into the night the serpent appears
Vanquished from light screaming draws near
Infect the bloodline to bleed all
Rising oceans of black blood

I slowly approach the horizon
To see the fear in their eyes
As the stars fade away and die
I remember a time forgotten

The endless journey
Floating on darkness
I?m the one who ferries
To the domain of hate
Where you will find
Salvation and life
To serve the one
Who guides us through night
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