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Sometimes the way becomes hazy
A cruel anguish takes place in my thoughts
The time seams to get smaller
And my journey is only about to start

I can't understand some challenges of life
I never imagined to be here, now
Facing this journey without you
When I think about the lane I have run
I wish to rewrite
The stretch that I ignored you

In this very moment I turn back to think clearly
And so I perceive that there's nothing I can change
About the things I've done

Sometimes, by nights
The frosty tears of the unaccountable
Insist to shed on my face
And the uncertain way
Becomes even more obscure

But there's a light that shines
In this dark immensity
And says to my eyes just see what is coming
Because none mistake shall be committed again.
I'm here, now!
And that's what counts!

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