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I'm alive

Vincent Vincent and the Villains

Oh my pen ran out the room,
And slammed the door behind,
I found it leaking in the scene,
Coz I'd been so unkind.

When I look into the mirror for what's written on my face,
My reflections got nothing to say,
And when i try to make eye contact my face pays no attention,
He just turns and looks the other way.

So I take a walk outside,
to get me some fresh air,
The cold wind bites my cheek,
and messes up my hair.
but I say

Whoa ohoh I
Yeah I'm alive

Oh tonight I feel a shadow of myself,
Even my silhouette's getting faint,
Tomorrow morning in the cold air I go out and catch a new one,
oh I'm wiping clean my slate.

When the world conspires against me,
I grit my teeth and clench my fists,
I've been faithful to my dreams,
I've been loved and I've been missed.
So I say

Whoa ohoh I
Yeah I (whoa ohoh)
I (whoa ohoh)
I (whoa ohoh oh)
I'm alive!
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