Come And Go

Wannabe Jalva

You call me a liar
You think the desire
Is for everyone

I bring the sugar
You give me back the salt and a pepper pie

I say (uhu uhu uhu uhu
Uhu uhu uhu uhu)

You want me on fire
Want me to be inspire
You want a lot of things

But judge me, think I'm a kid
That lost the candies and can't grow up

We tried so hard
But I always be
The same with the same old beard

We tried so hard
Same with same old frequency
We tried so hard
You can give it away
We tried so hard
Swear to God I have no fear

So why don't you
Tell me more and give more
Than a thousand bawdry words
Light me up just let me in
Forget the troubles now

We haven't same blood type
So, stoping criticize
We got so numb, I cannot feel you here

We won't give up the fight
You sad and I'm alright
This angry we know is empty love so

Come and go and give you fire
I'm the cherry, you the desert
We know I'm the boat and you are the see
I'm the cherry, you the desert

I say (uhu uhu uhu uhu
Uhu uhu uhu uhu)

Fly me to the moon
Hey, I know
Hide behind the door
You should know
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