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Bell Of The Falling Castle

Wasted Land

I marched into the field living memories, looking for forgotten dreams. My freedom been locked within the key of resisting gates, hold up my men!!
The road to triumph paved by warriors agony , this is the sign of rambling thunders , unleashing my inner most brutality , the bells of death falls in the tottering towers.
When the sun of Victory melts down the sea the swords of great fighters will steal the bounding hearts oh angel of war, behind the rising moon...
Oh dear mothers, hail your martyr sons , the moment of pride to come welcome unfolded wings to the land of dusty bones ..Oh dear fathers, sing to your bravely sons, the history of victory to carve.
All the falling gates, we stepped into spattered flesh, seeking for every enemy's skull. The revenge of million hundred years feeding my bleeding arms to the grave I will send you.
Wraps by fathers mould under the blazing sky, I screamed for more and more the sound of steel, echo with every sharping breath, the horns of dead men, join the ancient roots
When the moon of the victory raise up the sky the sword of great fighters will rest in the eyes of eternity oh angel of warbehind the burning sun pointing the green with purple blood.
Oh dear crown of holly marble , the slipping gown failed with terror through my veteran fingers , the blood of kings quench my fire, fire.
Now when the lost bell totted I grabbed the sands and smile the new century of mystery will begin.
The cursed war is over now, as I stand beside the river, the water seems to flow with blood.
The blood of my darkest heaven and the hearses that I made around the Kingdom once called hell.

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