Que Sera

Wax Taylor

Ladies and gentlemen (x8)
Your attention please
And now the moment we've all been waiting for is here

I have something to tell you
Que sera sera (x4)
Whatever we will be
In heaven.. Will be (x2)

The future is not out
I believe in the future...
I believe in the future...
I don't believe in the..
It cannot be true
It must be true not doubt
Life is goin' on as normaly as..

But certainly something seems to have happened
Everybody seems to be steering at one direction
People seems to be fighting even terrified
I want everybody to understand this
I don't understand.. I don't understand
There are a lot of things we don't understand either
We need answers from you
What did you expect to find (x2)
What's goin' to be our future?

It's your responsability to do something about it
Well I have the key in my hand... All I have to find is the lock

Now listen to me all of you
Que sera sera(x 4)
Whatever we will be
In the heaven
We will be..
Dam dim dam da dom da dom oh your divine
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