A Soldiers Story

WC And The Maad Circle

so here we go with another one
another track to flow with
eradicate the snakes and fakes and I wrote this
original particular song to quest ya break
Cause beefing emcees get flame like steaks
yo, I took time to sit back and watch this whole scenery
sick in to move my feet
yo, but now I'm back with this track to attack yo g double hit with a gasp
this ain't the type of party that you're used to reading about
broosed necks jolly to the fights and shoot outs
so get your crew out
I'm on a mission to flow, but yo
I represent the crew, the MAAD Circle
so pop this cassette in your deck
and make way for the new sound politic jacked from your crown
leaving stains on your brain, simple and plain
and like I told you before, ain't a damn thing changed!

yeah, and I wanna say what's up to my homeboy behind the boards y'all
who made this mothafucka possible and made this mothafucka flyer than the
last one ever was
he go by the name of Sir Jinx, y'all
I wanna say what's up to my homeboy from the old school
Coolio with the mothafucking flow
ayo, I wanna say what's up to DJ Crazy Toones, Big Gee, TC
Ice Cube, Chilly Chill
Keke, thanks for the records homie
what's up P, Billy Boy, Spoony C
the rest of the MAAD Cirle's in this mothafucker
the MAAD Circle's deep y'all
we outta here
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