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Ahora Mas Que Nunca

What Happens Next?

In the past few years I've been experiencing a total revitalization in the punk/hardcore scene; the energy of the bands and people and their creativity continually charge and inspire me. I haven't felt this excited about the scene since I was first introduced to it. This song is in Spanish and is about this enthusiasm I feel. It's dedicated to our good friend Tommy Delmar from Argentina who shares the sentiment and helped write/translate the lyrics.

Han pasado quince anos y no renunciado
Algunos piensan que es infintil
(yo) creo es inspirador
Quizas soy naife creo podemos
Cambiar yen quience anos
Anos espeior estar aqui
Ahora mas que nunca
(now more than ever)
Significa tanto para me come en mi juventud
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