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From A Distant Shore

Willard Grant Conspiracy

I landed here in country
With my nations guns and flags
I've been here three weeks now maybe more
Tomorrow they will ask us
To take that stand of trees
The fear I feel inside my chest
Is the same as my enemy's

There is a stutter in my lungs
And a chatter in my breathing
I'm engaged to be married to the method of my leaving
I'm rarely found in situations that cause me to deliver
Tonight I'll stay awake and write you
To keep me from the shivers

If you were a friend, I'd want to save you pain
If you were a lover, I'd do the same
If we were joined,
I'd want to capture stars
Let them loose inside your chest
Forever keep you warm

Tomorrow I'll meet my maker
My body broken on the shore
I'll ask for my forgiveness and then for nothing more
Every night you lay awake for now and ever more
My breath will be the breeze you feel
From a distant shore

Give me hope give me light
Let the dawn follow night
I will stay awake until
There is nothing left to see
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