Aarons Song


There's a storm brewin' now.
I can feel it inside,
As the lonliness surrounds me.
Well, it's gettin' cold now,
There's frost on the night,
I feel the emptiness around me.
All I need is a little love,
Just someone to hold on to...oooo.
All I need is someone to love,
Someone like you.
There's a river flowin'
Through the shadows of time.
The water is fear, dark and sweet.
I can feel the undertow,
Pullin' on my mind,
The force is strong in the fathomless deep.
The door is closing now.
I can't see the light,
I've travelled to the end of my hope.
Well, it's almost over now,
I don't have to fight,
I feel the strength of the rope.
All I needed was a little love...
Just someone to hold on to.
All I needed was someone to love...
Someone like you.
Walk with peace in your heart,
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