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My Way Or The Highway


Say, baby, yeah I'm talkin' to you
I'm gonna tell you somethin'
You know what I need, woman?
I tell you what I need
I need respect!
And I'm gonna get it, baby
I was the bad boy of my neighborhood
Lift the girls' skirts just to show I could
Learned that to succeed you've got to have a plan
I'm not always right, but that's the way I am
I move so fast, almost the speed of sound
Some still are dreaming while I'm gaining ground
I want the best that life has to give
So I'm gonna take all that I can get

It's my way or the highway
That's the only road you can take
Well it's my way or the highway
Gotta do it my way or no way at all
No way, no way at all
I am the ruler of my destiny
I found that nothing comes easy or free
If you want respect, you gotta be your own man
Not everyone is gonna understand
Only gonna pay for my own mistakes
And I believe you gotta make your own breaks
Choose my own roads, exits, and turns
If you're gonna ride with me, then you gotta learn

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