*if you really think i'm blinded you don't know me
If you are looking for perfection you don't want me
If you don't like extra conversation it's over
Baby love won't grow,we won't go no where so
If you think i'm being silly then look in my eyes
'cause i'm trying to tell you something important
But if don't like extra conversation it's so done
Baby love won't grow,we will be in no where so

Baby make me say,that i'm happy to be with you

I wanna tell you that i love you every night
'cause i might not be here next morning
My love for you is alive,so warm in the light
So baby please take this serious,cause i'm serious

(baby i'm crying)
I'm expecting to get something back
(my heart is crying)
From you for giving love to you
(baby i'm crying)
And i know i shouldn't be like that
(my heart is crying)
But it's because you don't hold me tight


Baby make me feel that i'm overfilled in my heat

I wanna tell you that i thank you every night
'cause i know how happy to have you in my life
My love is still alive,and able to express
With my body,with these beautiful words

(baby i'm crying)
I'm waiting to be needed from you
(my heart is crying)
Before my love is all flown away (baby im crying)
And i know i shouldn't be like but my love is alive,
My heart is alive, so baby please

*repeat x 2
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