You Me And Everyone We Know

I want to be uplifting for a change,
To make you feel a little better,
Like when a nice boy takes you dinner
Not just first base beneath your sweater.

But if it happens enough
Maybe i'll learn to trust
Having skin so tough
Like an elephant must
But my expanding state
Tends to gravitate….

I'll never fit the pants of a singer
I lack the lungs of a winner
I am failure's dead ringer
I've got the marks of a sinner

You've got to pick yourself up by the bootstraps
Just ignore them when they laugh
Make it a point to now walk taller
Keep your chin up on the behalf
Of every beautiful rejection
With their own ugly reflection
To anyone who's ever never felt the same

…back to the couch
Where i'll binge on doritos
Where i'll grow so stagnant
That i breed mosquitoes

I will saturate
My expanding state

But still hey….
Who are we to say we could ever be loved?
From god's own junkyard to heavens above
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