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Jah Rastafari


Oh jah listen to me, bless, protect and sanctify me
Strengthen me with your wisdom, knowledge and understanding
Oh you most high eternal father,
My force and my redeemer
Allowed that the words that come from my mouth
And meditation of my heart be acceptable to you
Jah was at beginning,
It´s now and always will be
Lord of lords and king of kings,
Conquering lion of juda's tribe
Chosen of God and light of this world,
His imperial majesty in person
Emperor Haile Selassie I,
Jah Rastafari.

Our God is black
Our lord and deliverer,
The divine light of the world,
The allmighty one
He Speaks the Truth
To those that look for ,
And give understanding to
The one that has sinned for mistake.
Straightens the foot of the one
That has stumbled;
Give rest to this one tired,
Raises the one that has fallen down
And wakes up The one that sleeps.

Jah Rastafari
King Selassie I
The conquering lion
must break all the chains
Rastafari conquered Babylonia
Rastafari illuminates to all of us
Jah Jah shows the respect
Yeah man
The respect is for all of us
The rastafarians
We, the rastafarians have a glorious history
Jah will annihilate all the weepings of my own
When i live in the Mount Zion
All my sorrows will be eliminated
Blessed love
In Babylon there is nothing good
Oh Rastafari
We live in a land that sinking

I feel that I can
Say bye to the pain
His name is written here,
In the book of the life
Idren , leave me to give you an advice
Go and say to the world about JAH
Yes Rastafari
We are the new generation
Changing war into peace
Black man our King comes
Say that to the world

Oh lord
The civilization comes of the old Africa
All our exchequer is in Zion
Behind of seven stamps
Rastafari expecting for his children to return
Jah Jah frees us of the captivity
We must live in our house in Africa
Only Jah Jah love will be kept forever
The perfect love is to open JAH's door
Welcome to the Rastafari love in the trip
Because all the sins of the black man are excused
we will live in the mount Zion

Oh Rastafari
Oh Jah allmighty God
I saw in the sky a light that illuminate all my world
I rise up to a new level,
a higher level
Initially i don´t understad what happen
But then I could see it
It was Jah in the sky
Yeah man
Is Jah Rastafari
Is the allmighty one
Lord of lords
And king of kings
Conquering lion of Juda
Blessed love
Jah Rastafari !
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