"No one should question the faith of others
for no human being can judge the ways of god."

"United we stand, divided we fall."

Here life was born ,here story was begun
And always in di memory ,yu´ll be ,ancestral inheritance
Freedom winds and di sky augurs we´ll back fi our land

One love
One heart
Ours eden
One aim
One destiny
I´ll return

One blood that escaped from di sea
And a sentence that he was saved from
Blood of that lost ancient man ,wise defender until death
of a luck that he didn´t haf in life

"until the color of the skin has no more significance than the colors of the eyes."

"We must become members of a new race, overcoming petty prejudice, owing our ultimate allegiance not to nations, but to our fellow men within the human community."

Deep roots of a founded town
Pain and resistance of that slave
Force from di past that he had in his hands
The fruit of an adored king
Revive an awaited legacy
That for years i searched for in anguish
But ,i have found it today

Hidden essence that is going fi return
Faith and spirit that will grow
Hidden reality that today yu haffi see
Di only version that yu must know
My soul recives yu ,African bredren
By my side yu will have arrived
And i ask yu not to be away from me

"With the raising of all men to their rightful dignity and honor as individuals, they will be able to regard their fellows, of whatever nation, of whatever race, of whatever religious, linguistic or historic tradition, as equals, without jealousy, without fear fear, without undue pride."
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