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    1. Where Is The Love?
    2. I Gotta Feeling
    3. My Humps
    4. Pump It
    5. Boom Boom Pow
    6. Meet Me Halfway
    7. The Time (Dirty Bit)
    8. Don't Lie
    9. Just Can't Get Enough
    10. Shut Up
    11. Let's Get It Started
    12. Don't Stop The Party
    13. Don't Phunk With My Heart
    14. Imma Be
    15. Mas Que Nada
    16. Rock That Body
    17. Imma Be Rocking That Body
    18. Missing You
    19. Hey Mama
    20. Whenever
    21. Alive
    22. Xoxoxo
    23. I Got It From My Mama
    24. Dirty Dancing
    25. Meet Me Half Way
    26. Love You Long Time
    27. Gone Going
    28. My Style
    29. Bebot
    30. Dum Diddly
    31. Sexy
    32. Like That
    33. Let's Get Retarded
    34. Let's Get It Started (Spike Mix)
    35. Light Up The Night
    36. Fashion Beats
    37. Feel It
    38. Ba Bump
    39. Someday
    40. Now Generation
    41. Play It Loud
    42. The Best One Yet (The Boy)
    43. Fly Away
    44. The Boogie That Be
    45. Gotta Get It Now
    46. Anxiety
    47. Smells Like Funk
    48. Disco Club
    49. Ring-A-Ling
    50. Party All The Time
    51. Where Ya Wanna Go
    52. Boom Boom Guetta (David Guetta's Electro Hop Remix)
    53. Do It Like This
    54. They Don't Want Music
    55. One Tribe
    56. Someday (Knight and Day)
    57. The Apl Song
    58. Hands Up
    59. Say Goodbye
    60. Another Weekend
    61. Let The Beat Rock (feat. 50 Cent)
    62. The Time (Dirty Bit) (Afrojack Remix)
    63. Labor Day
    64. Head Bobs
    65. Union
    66. Audio Delite At Low Fidelity
    67. 25 Days Of Christmas
    68. Take It Off
    69. A8
    70. Get Original
    71. Gone Going (feat. Jack Johnson)
    72. Phenomenon
    73. Taboo Freestyle
    74. Bep Empire
    75. Cali to New York
    76. The Way You Make Me Feel
    77. What It Is
    78. Third Eye
    79. Rock My Shit
    80. Go go
    81. Electric City
    82. Showdown
    83. Don't bring me down
    84. The Situation
    85. Own It
    86. The Coming
    87. Tell Your Mama Come
    88. Be Free
    89. Joints and Jams
    90. Impacto
    91. London Bridge
    92. Big Girls Don't Cry
    93. Everything Wonderful
    94. Clap Your Hands
    95. Latin Girls
    96. Magic
    97. Do What You Want
    98. I Want Cha
    99. Won't let you fall
    100. La Paga
    101. That Heat
    102. Falling up
    103. Bebot
    104. Power To The People
    105. Don't phunk with my heart
    106. Clumsy
    107. Simple Little Melody
    108. Weekends
    109. Here I Come
    110. Welcome to the E.N.D
    111. iAnaeluca (abertura)
    112. Power To The People (with Mary J. Blidge & John Legend)
    113. Hey Dj (With Macy Gray)
    114. Why Not
    115. Bridging the Gaps
    116. Bringing it Back
    117. Release
    118. Communication
    119. Duet
    120. Fallin Up
    121. Karma
    122. Love Won't Wait
    123. Movement
    124. If You Want Love
    125. Lil' Lil'
    126. Make Them Hear You
    127. Beep
    128. Voodoo Doll
    129. Shake Your Monkey
    130. It's a Holiday
    131. Anxiety
    132. ¿Que Dices?
    133. I Can't Make You Dance
    134. Mare
    135. Out Of My Head
    136. Express Yourself
    137. Rockin to the beat
    138. Fallin' Up
    139. Finally
    140. Losing My Ground
    141. Pedestal
    142. Pump It Harder
    143. Sumthin For That Ass
    144. Alors On Danse & Don't Stop The Party Mashup (feat. Stromae)
    145. Complete Beloved (ft. Les Nubians)
    146. Labor Day (It's a Holiday)
    147. For The People
    148. Taboo Freestyle
    149. Request Line
    150. Hot
    151. On My Own
    152. Rap Song
    153. Positivity
    154. Secrets Dexters Lab (Will.I.Am)
    155. Complete Beloved
    156. True
    157. Bend Your Back
    158. Something For That Ass
    159. What's Going Down
    160. Fatless
    161. Instant DEF Theme
    162. Gimme Shelter
    163. More
    164. These Words
    165. All That I Got (The Make Up Song)
    166. Grapes
    167. Everything Wonderful
    168. Shut The Phunk Up
    169. Rocking To The Beat
    170. Sumthing For That Ass
    171. That's The Joint (joints & Jam Remix)
    172. Elephunk Theme Song

    Get Original

    Black Eyed Peas

    Composição: Allen Pineda / Charles Stewart / Clifford Smith / Haldane Danny Browne / Will Adams


    [Verse One]
    A lot of brothers, claimin they hard (HUH?)
    I grab the microphone and leave 'em scarred (scarred)
    But not scarred physically (WHAT?)
    More like scarred mentally (yeah)
    I correct your ego (YOUR EGO?)
    I'ma show you how it go {*scratch "go"*}
    Cause you killin me, ain't no skill in you
    With my hands on you I wouldn't be feelin you
    Yeah you platinum, but you wack as hell
    I dubbed over your single like a Maxell
    You need to
    Stop now, get original
    Start practicin, master your flow
    You might as well, turn in your mic
    and start collectin dollars at the turnpike
    Cause the rhymes you kick, need to be fixed
    But you couldn't even fix them {*scratch "in the mix*}
    If you ate pebbles, your shit wouldn't rock
    You one of them balloons made to go pop
    You need to
    Stop now, get original
    Start practicin, master your flow
    Stop now, get original
    Stop now, get original
    Start practicin, master your flow

    [Verse Two]
    There is really nothin you can do
    We about to hit you in your face with my kung-fu
    Risky on the microphone, I am
    Got the energy of (??) and (??)
    I'm about to let you know the deal on how I feel
    Many people can't be real, so they gotta chase the steel
    What the deal? Is it really all about the bills?
    What's the thrill? I'd rather have my soul fulfilled
    You gotta
    Stop now, get original
    Start practicin, master your flow
    We delegate the skills to conversating
    The loss of motivation of MC's to create
    Sent it in for quick hit, waitin for the break
    You didn't pay your dues, so you got on Rikki Lake
    How does it feel to be the man on top
    when everything you got ain't any of your props?
    You need to
    Stop now, get original
    Start practicin, master your flow
    Stop now, get original
    Stop now, get original
    Start practicin, master your flow

    [Verse Three - Chali 2na]
    When you think about rap in it's entirety
    Violence became variety
    Silently personalities differ from what they try to be
    2na be on the frontline, with rhyme shell I hit you
    You're sluggish like a barbituate
    We can make you admit you bit
    A hectic thrill, connect with Will
    and we create with the kung-fu collective skill
    The checks get real, people think this shit is hunky-dory
    It's another story while we be fightin for re-
    -demption pimps and prostitutes get the break they need
    With breakneck speed, the fakes succeed indeed
    Thinkin life is a party and it's a must to please
    But many pop MC's work for Mephistopheles stop it please
    Choppin broccoli happily for your company
    Publically sellin Satan when really you should be bumpin the truth
    So stop now
    Stop now, get original
    Just practice and master your flow

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