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    1. Always
    2. Its My Life
    3. Blaze Of Glory
    4. Miracle
    5. Santa Fe
    6. Livin' On A Prayer
    7. Misunderstood
    8. You Give Love A Bad Name
    9. Janie, Don't You Take Your Love To Town
    10. Have a Little Faith In Me
    11. Bed Of Roses
    12. Hallelujah
    13. Never Say Goodbye
    14. Wanted Dead Or Alive
    15. Destination Anywhere
    16. Ugly
    17. It's Just Me
    18. Queen Of New Orleans
    19. Dyin' Ain't Much of a Livin
    20. Midnight in Chelsea
    21. Every Word Was a Piece Of My Heart
    22. Any Other Day
    23. Someday I'll Be Saturday Night
    24. Bang a Drum
    25. This Ain't A Love Song
    26. Born To Be My Baby
    27. I Hope That I Don't Fall In Love With You
    28. Billy Get Your Guns
    29. Blood Money
    30. Crazy Love
    31. Staring At Your Window With a Suitcase In My Hand
    32. (It's hard) Letting you go
    33. All I Wanna Do Is You
    34. Never Say Die
    35. Every Beat Of My Heart
    36. August 7, 4:15
    37. Learning How To Fall
    38. Crazy
    39. Alive
    40. One Step Closer
    41. Love Hurts
    42. Edge Of A Broken Heart
    43. Don't Leave Me Tonight
    44. Cold Hard Heart
    45. You Really Got Me Now
    46. Because The Night
    47. Not Running Anymore
    48. I Talk To Jesus
    49. Don't You Believe Him
    50. American Dreams
    51. Can't Turn You Loose (feat. Lea Michele)
    52. Naked
    53. Justice In The Barrel
    54. Feel Like Making Love
    55. Bad Medicine
    56. Little City
    57. We Wish You A Merry Christmas
    58. Fear
    59. Backdoor To Heaven
    60. Bounce
    61. Bells Of Freedom
    62. Another Reason To Believe
    63. A Hard Day's Night
    64. I Get A Rush
    65. Broke Down Piece Of Man
    66. Levon
    67. Always Run To You
    68. Good Guys Don't Always Wear White
    69. Drive
    70. Don't Keep Me Wonderin'
    71. Does Anybody Really Fall In Love Anymore
    72. Diamond Ring
    73. Burning For Love
    74. Bitter Wine
    75. America the Beautiful
    76. All Right Now
    77. Ain't No Cure For love
    78. Dry Country
    79. Growin' Up The Hard Way
    80. Flesh & Bone
    81. Fire Inside
    82. Everybody's Broken
    83. Deep Cuts The Knife
    84. Please Come Home Christmas
    85. Complicated
    86. Captain Crash And The Beauty Queen From Mars
    87. Bridge Over Troubled Water
    88. Badlands
    89. 634-5789
    90. Maybe Tomorrow
    91. Head Over Heels
    92. Hardest Part Is The Night
    93. Garageland
    94. Fields Of Fire
    95. Drift Away
    96. Borderline
    97. Backdoor Santa
    98. All Talk No Action
    99. All I Want Is Everything
    100. Abraham, Martin And John
    101. So You Want to Be a Rock 'n' Roll Star
    102. Mr. Big Time
    103. No Apologies
    104. Blue Christmas
    105. Get Ready
    106. Gimme Some Lovin' Charlene
    107. Dirty Little Secret
    108. Damned
    109. Cadillac Man
    110. Cats In The Cradle And a Silver Spoon
    111. Brother Louie
    112. Breakout
    113. Bobby's Girl
    114. Blame It On The Love Of Rock & Roll
    115. Better Think Twice
    116. This Time It's For Real
    117. Miro A Tu Ventana

    Santa Fe

    Jon Bon Jovi

    Composição: Jon Bon Jovi

    They say that no man is an island
    And good things come to those who wait
    But the things I hear are there
    Just to remind me
    Every dog will have his day

    The spirits they intoxicate me
    I watched them infiltrate my soul
    They try to say it's too late for me
    Tell my guns I'm coming home

    I swear I'm gonna live forever
    Tell my maker he can wait
    I'm riding somewhere south of heaven
    Heading back to Santa Fe
    It's judgment day in Santa Fe

    Once I was promised absolution
    There's only one solution for my sins
    You gotta face your ghosts
    And know with no illusions
    That only one of you is going home again

    And I blame this world
    For making a good man evil
    It's this world that can drive a
    Good man mad
    And it's this world that turns a killer
    Into a hero
    Well I blame this world for making
    A good man bad

    Now I ain't getting into heaven
    If the devil has his way
    I swear I'm gonna live forever
    Heading back to Santa Fe
    Got debts to pay in Santa Fe
    It's judgment day in Santa Fe


    So I save a prayer
    For when I need it most
    To the Father, Son
    And the Holy Ghost
    And sign it from a sinner
    With no name

    When I meet my maker
    When I close the book
    On the hearts I broke
    And the lives I took
    Will he walk away
    'Cause my soul's
    Too late to save

    Now I ain't getting into heaven
    If the devil has his way
    I swear I'm gonna live forever
    Heading back to Santa Fe
    Got debts to pay in Santa Fe
    It's judgment day in Santa Fe

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