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Tears For Fears


    1. Everybody Wants To Rule The World
    2. Woman In Chains
    3. Head Over Heels
    4. Shout
    5. Mad World
    6. Sowing The Seeds Of Love
    7. Advice For The Young At Heart
    8. Break It Down Again
    9. Pale Shelter
    10. I Believe
    11. Goodnight Song
    12. I Know This Much is True
    13. The Working Hour
    14. Laid So Low (Tears Roll Down)
    15. Change
    16. Suffer The Children
    17. Raoul And The Kings Of Spain
    18. Famous Last Words
    19. Elemental
    20. Mother's Talk
    21. God's Mistake
    22. Broken
    23. Memories Fade
    24. Me And My Big Ideas
    25. Badman's Song
    26. Secrets
    27. Closest Thing To Heaven
    28. Swords And Knives
    29. The Way You Are
    30. Everybody Loves A Happy Ending
    31. Listen
    32. Year Of The Knife
    33. Dog's a Best Friend's Dog
    34. Falling Down
    35. Watch Me Bleed
    36. Start Of The Breakdown
    37. Brian Wilson Said
    38. Sketches Of Pain
    39. The Hurting
    40. Fish Out Of Water
    41. Sorry
    42. When In Love With A Blind Man
    43. Laid So Low (Tears Roll Down)
    44. Sweet Dreams
    45. Standing On The Corner Of The Third World
    46. Cold
    47. Mr. Pessimist
    48. Secret World
    49. Power
    50. Los Reyes Catolicos
    51. Don't Drink The Water
    52. Bloodletting Go
    53. Always In The Past
    54. Call Me Mellow
    55. All of the Angels
    56. My Girls
    57. Humdrum And Humble
    58. I Choose You
    59. New Star
    60. Lord Of Karma
    61. Ashes To Ashes
    62. Last Days On Earth
    63. Size Of Sorrow
    64. The Devil
    65. Who You Are
    66. Los Reyes Catolicos (reprise)
    67. The Prisoner
    68. Johnny Panic And The Bible Of Dreams
    69. Schrodinger's Cat
    70. Deja Vu & The Sins Of Science
    71. Sea Song
    72. Out Of Control
    73. The Big Chair
    74. War of Attrition
    75. Floating Down The River
    76. I Believe
    77. Ideas As Opiates
    78. My Life In The Suicide Ranks
    79. Killing With Kindness
    80. Ladybird
    81. Quiet Ones
    82. Who Killed Tangerine
    83. Creep (cover)
    84. Pullin' A Cloud
    85. Queen Of Compromise
    86. The Conflict
    87. Until I Drown
    88. Wino
    89. Maybe Our Days Are Numbered
    90. You Spin Me Round
    91. The Madness Of Roland

    Woman In Chains

    Tears For Fears

    Composição: Roland Orzabal

    You better love loving and you better behave
    You better love loving and you better behave
    Woman in chains
    Woman in chains

    Calls her man
    "The Great White Hope"
    Says she's fine
    She'll always cope
    Woman in chains
    Woman in chains

    Well, I feel lying and waiting
    Is a poor man's deal
    (A poor man's deal)
    And I feel hopelessly weighed down
    By your eyes of steel
    (Your eyes of steel)
    Well, it's a world gone crazy
    Keeps woman in chains
    Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh
    Woman in chains
    Woman in chains

    Trades her soul as skin and bone
    (You better love loving and you better behave)
    Sells the only thing she owns
    (You better love loving and you better behave)
    Ooh, ooh
    Woman in chains
    (The sun and the moon)
    Woman in chains

    Men of stone!
    Men of stone!
    Hey, baby
    No, no, ooh

    Well, I feel deep in your heart
    There are wounds time can't heal
    (Wounds time can't heal)
    And I feel somebody, somewhere
    Is trying to breathe
    You know what I mean
    It's a world gone crazy
    Keeps woman in chains

    It's under my skin, but out of my hands
    I'll tear it apart but I won't understand
    I will not accept the greatness of man

    It's a world gone crazy
    Keeps woman in chains
    Gone crazy
    Woman in chains

    So free her
    So free her
    So free her

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