2 Brothers On The 4th Floor

There, can you try to take me there
Oh yes I know it is somewhere.
Must be some kind of fantasy,
I can't imagine something wrong for me.
Is it pink, is it a blue one,
If it's white just tell me on the run.
Becuase I wanna know where I'm going to,
How about you?

What's the name, tell me if you know it ain't the same,
I'm gonna close my eyes and be lame.
I see people smiling and kissing,
Everybody does what I'm wishing.
Holding hands and then say oh yeah,
Making friends and then try to care.
What a mighty mighty thing,
It's gonna make me sing.

So let yourself swing, stay relaxed and don't do a thing.
Open up your heart and let it sing.
Feel free to say what you have in mind,
The universe is not blind.
Imagination can be so strong,
It can bring you where you belong.
Is it enough so to say,
Talk back the rack and play, uh!

What's the real defenition of paradise,
Is it far away, cause it looks nice.
I think nobody knows the real story,
It's all in your mind like the glory.
Take my hand and let's go right now,
Cause I'm ready and willing,
For a one way trip to cumelow,
And I'm thrilling
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