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Swallow your pride (feeling you)

2face Idibia

Oh yeah (loop)

I am feeling you and you feeling me too baby boo
I am in love with your ways and the things you do
As etake on be so, I no fit live without you
I am feeling you, do you feel me too?
The lane is dangerous, make you no dey act like mumu
Before another girl start to claim she's my boo
I'll like for you to understand me and the ways of my crew
I am feeling you and this is how we do

Verse 1
First of all, I'll like to introduce myself
I'm Tuface, I am chilling with my guy ....
We are too sharp ...
Now let me say what I got to say without delay
First time I saw you, I was blown away
And I wanted to get married to you on that very day
Needless to say, my baby, which one you dey?
You keep going back and forth, up and down, you just know how to play
Feelings is something that you cannot hide
As you can see, my girl, you really need to swallow your pride
Let's show? up like Bonnie and Clyde
Be rest assured that I am not taking you for a ride, ride

Repeat Chorus

Verse 2 lyrics from museke.com
I was looking for loving, until I found you
I was looking for love, until I found you
You rock my world (2x)
I got a feeling that you love me but you don't know how to show it
There is a fire in my heart and it is you that can quench it
You are like the sugar in my tea and the sugar in my right hand babe
You got me feeling iray (2x), feeling iray
The lane is dangerous, I hear a lot of people say it everyday
So if I had my way, we'll get married today today
You are like the sugar in my tea and the sugar in my right hand babe
You got me feeling iray (2x), feeling iray

Repeat Chorus

Verse 3 lyrics from museke.com
Looking through my eye, you go think say I don jay
The love that I have for you has got me feeling iray
People wondering what is happening to me
Every night, every other day ....
Girl, I see you, are you feeling me too?
See, I want you, do you want me too?
I see you, do you see me to?
Girl, I must confess, must confess, must confess
Swallow your pride

Repeat Chorus
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