1. 1

    3 Minute Hero - Babbitt

  2. 2

    3 Minute Hero - Big Fish

  3. 3

    3 Minute Hero - Charlie

  4. 4

    3 Minute Hero - Chinese Restaurant

  5. 5

    3 Minute Hero - Faget Am I!

  6. 6

    3 Minute Hero - Geeks On Bikes

  7. 7

    3 Minute Hero - Girls

  8. 8

    3 Minute Hero - Landlord

  9. 9

    3 Minute Hero - Parking Lot

  10. 10

    3 Minute Hero - Rude Girl

  11. 11

    3 Minute Hero - Sno Cone Of Luv

  12. 12

    3 Minute Hero - Tangerine

  13. 13

    3 Minute Hero - The Ska (ska For Moms)

  14. 14

    3 Minute Hero - Trailer Park

food on the table
got a brand new car
you're willing -- and able
to make a lifetime scar
got two point two five daughters
can't remember their middle names
the days fly by like a long cold winter
pretty soon they all look the same
grey slacks, grey shirt, grey tie
grey all around
livin in a corporate shanty town
life is like cable
but you only watch CNN
if this sounds like a modern fable
then it's time for the story to end
flip around and find another station
channel after channel -- boredom is rife
when you hear the message crackle through
"i've never done a thing i've wanted in my life"
when you're out doing whatcha gotta do
wifey's at home yellin
"honey honey honey honey"
and when you come home
wifey is blue from screaming her demands for
"money money money money"
deep down it's time for a change
but habits and love are hard things to break
when the two are braided into one your vision is strange
so do you stick with what you know for sanity's sake?

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