Get Down Like Dat


Get down

This how we get down
(repeat all)

New in the neighborhood
Looking good to me
She's by your side,i can't deny
Got to know your name
You turn around,you see me now
I think it's love I've found
My friends think I'm crazy
But I don't care cause baby I get down

I get down like dat
Be like dat
I won't fret
She's no threat to me
(it may seem wrong but it's all about what I want)
Can I be like dat
It's on like dat
I won't get ya
If I like what I see,yeah
Da-da-da-da hey hey

Your own my mind
I think your fine but your with her
(and I don't care)
Can't let you get away
I want you just because
(she pulls you
Turns you,trys so hard to take your eyes away)
It's too late and you know it
Cause I got you in a daze


Tell me am I wrong
To go for what I like
When she holds you tight
You want me,it's only right
And I don't care
Her name is not step to you
That means she don't own you
I'm gonna make you mine

(till fade)
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