Big Booty Bitches

A Beautiful Silence

I stop but my rims keep spinning, 26's on my '96 Taurus
Call my digits but you'll get my voicemail, hoes by my side so I'm not available
Smoking on crack and rollin on dubs, rollin 26's you know they ain't hubs
I'm a pimp so what can I say, fuckin them bitches like everyday
Whipped it out and slapped it on her face, Trojan magnums hmm how dat taste
Triple x jersey gotta keep it baggy, Air Force One's vintage 1980
Lil John yeh he's my boy, now your fuckin with The Real McCoy
I like it rough, you better watch your back side, get on top just bounce and lets ride

I like big booty bitches, I like big booty hoes
We like big booty bitches, we like big booty hoes

Now I'm creepin when your sleeping through your back yard,
Gonna kick in your window and steal your car, and if you wanna try and stop me
I'll come in your house and kick your ass and take the t.v. and I'll jump back, in yo 6-4
Turn up the bass and push the pedal to the floor, and now I cruising down the street
Lookin for some hoes and some girls to meet, so you betta
Get back inside cuz I'm coming to your house to take your girl for a ride
Now were sittin, at Popeye's Chicken I'm starin at her tits and she knows what I'm thinking, then I'll bring her back to my house, flip up her skirt and then I'll tear off her blouse, and then I'll fuck her all night long smack that ass while I write this song

I like big booty bitches, I like big booty hoes
We like big booty bitches, we like big booty hoes

The Olsen twins, Jessica Simpson and Paris Hilton, bring em to my house and have em drop their drawers bend em down quick and fuck em like whores, have em screaming that I'm their edaddy rollin down the street in that black white Caddy with the white walls on the wheels, Lexus tv screens and platinum grills
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