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Two Kings

A Billion Ernies

Dumpster Generation, stand up
Speak your mind if you've got one
Let one fly towards the heart if they've got one
Don't fear their guns, police men, corporations
The scum of the nation rule
When they make laws like you're fools
And make you believe you can't change anything
No change will ever come from a politician

Hail the two kings on their thrones up in Washington and Rome
Uncle Sam's got his hand in your pocket
Father John has his hand in your child's
And they proudly claim democracy and the keys to eternity
We have the strength. It's too late.

Watch these clowns, running around looking like leaches,
Wearing suits and ties (modified collars with leashes)
They don't respect us, they think they know better than us
(That's what we call "Big Brother rule")
And they make laws like we're fools but we know that we can change anything,
But change can only come if the people are willing
Are you a slave?
No. We have been given the right to survive by God.
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