Bears, Beets, Battlestar Galactica

A Bullet For Pretty Boy

(Your way, your way, show me the way, fix these eyes so I can see clearer)
Lights will guide me to the place where I can find peace again
Take me to the place where lights consume me
Frozen on a path that's called destruction, makes my senses tingle, but it's taken so lightly
Face the world at its darkest
Don't fall upon unfaithfulness
But your faith will see it straight
See past what you have done
No one needs attention after wounds have healed
I swear that this is goodbye
I guess this is goodbye
I am respected outside of this room
The chance is as thin as the air I breathe
Is this my last chance, this is my only chance
I need to catch my breathe
I will only DISAPPEAR, if you will only close your eyes.
(If we will stay then we will know, what our part is, what our part is)
My prize is you, but I know that you wont forget me.
Your ears will bleed, with my disease.
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