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Beauty In The Eyes Of The Beholder

A Bullet For Pretty Boy

Oh my God, oh my God, oh my God where do I run.
Your message holds true though we fall short
(Were all trying to let ourselves know the secrets they give us the hope
We've recognized and realized these voices will tell us where to go.)
Bring your love down father I'm giving you my shield and my sword
So that you can guide me.
Too many times i've tryed
but the ever so inviting says
takes ahold of me not now not tonight
Please ask me these questions that I answer so desperately in search of something more.
The memories of my past I can't seem to overcome to overcome .
but millions upon millions seem to forget that your love is real.
not the ways of the world .
your love is so real.
your love is so real.
I will open my ears I will open my heart just to hear what you want me to hear .
Incline your ear, to my ear.
OH GOD, we were wrong.
Incline you ear to my ear.
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