A La Carte

Subway life
Eight o'clock each morning
Hi Fi radio drive
We are on the hit line
Life is half as hard
When every day's got a song to start
Drive the modulation dancing in the streets
Give a chance to dance with all the guys you meet
Lend an ear to fancy pretty little tunes
Then you can hang on and on til the afternoon

Radio, portable radio
Radio, super-pop disco show
Wherever we might be
For our harmony we need a melody
Radio, portable radio
Radio super pop disco show

London, Paris, Munich
Let's listen to the music of the radio!

Late at night
I'm absolutely sure
You want to hold me tight
But for me, the moonlight
Is not half as bright
If I've got my favorite song to guide
In every situation
And then, when you're gone
Before I fall asleep, before I feel alone
I just want to listen to my lullaby
I need some music to keep my world alive
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