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Love To Hate, Hate To Me

A Static Lullaby

Read the tale of my desire
I'll never walk away
A book of hate
Never exhale
1000 volts for,
I'll never walk away
every smile you gave me
Never exhale
as your eyes close
I'll brine before, the sight of true unhappiness
whisper i care then gracious enough
I let you go
Remember me for times I've ruined you

Take this blade to my wrist
Help me end what makes you ugly
Swimming in the pools of my mind
You caome to me at night
Leave me black and save yourself
As the story prolongs
with each word
my stomach starts to turn

I have swallowed nails so I can never say your name
Now words are heard through my eyes
(through my eyes)


Can you see the fire
that burns from my heart
this song is for you so perfect
I have made an attempt, to have you


Tonight I will sleep with a gun in my mouth
Good night my love
(good night my love)
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