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Doo Be La Dee

A Touch Of Class

Doo Be La Dee
Doo Be La Dee

Doo Be La Dee, Hehehe
Doo Be La Dee, So Sexy, So Sexy
Doo Be La Dee, So Sexy Can't You See

Doo Be La Dee (We're Singing...)
Doo Be La Dee, Come do That Sexy Thing to Me
Doo Be La Dee (We're Singing)
Doo Be La Dee, Come do That Crazy Thing to Me
Doo Be La Dee (We're Singing)

I Am the One For You
You Always Seem a Fine Lover
This Live Is New For Me
You Make Me Feel So Like
The Only Way That I Feel Right
This Life Is Luxury,

Come Join Me, This World Is For Real
It Just Depends On the Way You Feel
Big Chances Worth a Try
Keep On Moving Faster, 'till You Fly


Every Day and Night
We Try to Hold a Secret Thight
We Are Exclusively
I Think That I'm the One
That Surely Knows Where It Comes From
Our Lies Are Justified

I Never Made You Question Why
Why I'm Always Inspired
This Live Is Beautiful
Stars Fell On My Roof Tonight Again


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