The man live between god and the devil
Between the creator and the destroyer
The man can to choose, because
There's a two ways
Satan finished with the innocence of the man.
Revealed the secret to the good and evil.

Fallen angel, the saints cursed your name
Lucifer, father of disgrace
Belzebu the opresser damn it by your evil.

Satan lord of this dirty reality
The prince that break the bone of the hope
And blind the eyes of the men
That think to be wises but,
They're only your priests and slaves
Fools that make dirty his hand with blood.

He know the prophecy and know
That his time is short
And with wrath he will to send the beast
For to press the good man
Then all people will to see that
The prophecy will to be accomplish
And you'll see the triumph of good.
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