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What You Got

Abs Breen

Y'know... i got a girl... but.. still

Hit the block around twenty to nine,
Checkin' my girl
But then i see this girl lookin' fine, so i
Asked her if she wouldn't mind,
Could you tell me your name and what you're doing tonight?
Body like nothin' i seen,
She's telling me she's on the cover of gq magazine.(is that right)
Tellin' me she had to go...
So i dropped her right the spot in my four by four

So i told her...
I can't be late,
The girl's taking up my time,
Had to hit her with a line,
So i told her...
I can't wait to freak,
See you at the same time next week.
She said...

Baby give me what you got,
Cos i'm everything that's she's not.
Love is all i bring,
In my khaki suit and ting.
So honey leave your girl at home,
With your car keys, mobile phone.
Love is all i got,
All the things that make you hot...

Got my woman crazy on the phone,
She's talking bout why the f*** my ass ain't at home.
Had to tell her i was stuck,
In some brand new business, i was all tied up.
Told the girl i was late,
I had to rhyme.
I got to be backstage at a quarter past nine.
Telling me to change my mind...
She's like britney spears baby hit me one more time




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