Lord Of The Sombre Reborn


Hail to thee, O Earth and Sea From the depths of the flames, I hear them calling thy names The names of the ancient daimons, the name of the one I'm the immortal, I'm thy seventh son! Nocturnal light - blinded my eyes Hail to thee, O Air and Fire From the top of the hill, carried by the coldest winter chill I, the bringer of the storm, the lord of the sombre reborn I'm the superior, I'm the creature of your filthy spawn It's the night that never ends It's the time when darkness has forever faded It's the night without a dawn It's the time when we inject our spawn O come forth - feel my lifeless body Succubus to bear our children To give birth to the undead A new breed of nocturnal creatures A breed of our supremacy Come my whores and I'll lead you into the night Into an unseen world, a world without the holy light To a place you've never been, where they all live in sin Where I wear the crown, and rule The world from my mighty throne Take my hand, I'll lead you to a place you've never been A place where I am the Queen and rule The world from my mighty throne Something moved in front of me That not even my eyes could describe Creatures born without faces Finally my offspring have arrived Nocturnal creatures of hideous shape They all watch the hex-mark I bear They're all around me, on the ground In the sea and flying through the air

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