Ceremonial Slaughter


Blinded by the darkness you see
Trapped in thought can't break free
No escape from timeless sleep
Breathless search, mortal weep
Thoughts confused sullen pain
Gripping fear mentally insane
Maze of torturewild savagery
Sanction to kill death forgery
Hybrid angels clash as one
Prophecy to tell the meeting done
Frantic nation suppress the pain
Harass the whore stricken by vain
State of confusion radiant light
Summon your soul embed the night
Joined by the dead immortal to stand
Flourish off hate surmount the land

Fear all to fear
Can never look back
Dread all to dread
Behind the attack
Risk all the risk
Selective on move
Kill all to kill
Destiny of death
Implement of deaths driving force
Unbraid the church showing remorse
Implore for mercy infinite flames
Enduring the pace defraud the names
Ripping through countless depths
Killing all their last breaths
In the darkness they all dwell
Magical demons raised from hell
Scared for life free for living
Torn away reach the light
Forgiving one stop the cursing
Spread the world of the slaughter
Ceremonial slaughter
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